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Part 01: BILL INMON & brief history of data warehouse

Bill Inmon, known as the Father of Data Warehouse, graced our Prague stage. In a short yet impactful presentation, he illuminated the primary purpose behind data #warehouses and offered insights into their original forms.

Do not forget to check out his answers in the panel discussion where he shares his views on current topics like Microsoft Fabric or how he met Kimball.

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Bill Inmon, the Father of DataWarehouse, visited us on stage in Prague. Listen to what he thinks about Microsoft Fabric, the future of data warehousing, or his relationship with Kimball!

On stage, Bill is joined by Francesco Puppini*, the author of Unified Start Schema and Data Modeling innovator. He is answering all the questions about Francesco's revolutionary data modeling approach and discussing how the #bridge will transform your life as a Data Engineer.

*Francesco's own presentation video about Unified Star Schema in video below!

Serge Gershkovich, the author of 'Data Modeling in Snowflake,' made a special trip from Mallorca to emphasize why you absolutely NEED to read the book before diving into your data endeavors with Snowflake.


Francesco Puppini, the author of Unified Star Schema, came to our event to introduce his revolutionary data modeling technique and in a live demo show us how the #bridge will transform your life as a Data Engineer.

Do not forget to check out the panel discussion where he answers your questions for to use Star Schema in practice.

Bill Inmon 

The father of data warehouse

One of the ten people that most influenced the first 40 years of the computer industry named by Computerworld in 2017.

Francesco Puppini

The Unified Star Schema author

Teacher, author, speaker, and Data Modeling innovator.

Serge Gershkovich

Product Success Lead at SqlDBM

Author of the bestseller Data Modeling with Snowflake a Snowflake Data Superhero.

Giuliano Giannetti

CEO & Founder of Revolt BI

Giuliano will host the panel discussion.

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